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Failures of liberalism: humans

2020-06-17 1
Liberalism, as a political philosophy, is one of the best of human inventions. The problem has always been that it has had to be implemented by humans, and that means its imperfections will eventually surface and, unless sufficient steps are taken to address the resultant problems, the programs – and the

enough of the fear

2020-03-02 0
Fearing a bad outcome is a terrible way to move forward in politics. Even with bad outcomes possible, I refuse to let fear control me; I’m committed to believing in my beliefs all the way.

capital vs wealth

2020-02-17 0
We call the United States a capitalist economy, but we’ve become a wealth-hoarding oligarchy. This is a failure of capitalism and a danger to our future.

one reason. the only reason.

2020-01-25 0
If she were Edward, and not Elizabeth, “he” would have the nomination wrapped up.