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Oregon Vote-by-mail: why it works

2020-08-12 0
Oregon pioneered Vote-by-Mail. After a few cycles, it worked so well that we made it the only way for Oregonians to vote. (Well, you can visit your county elections division and cast a ballot; I did that once when I’d move and my ballot didn’t catch up with

ideology, compassion, self

2020-07-17 0
Telling people like trump and Fox News to go to hell is defensible; their actions are inhumane and purposefully so. But their supporters and viewers? Tens of millions of Americans who have nothing to gain and so much to lose – they can go to hell? This is a difficult question.

normal は、さよなら

2020-07-15 0
We’ve lived with a toxic “normal” for centuries. It hasn’t done us a lot of good. Now we face multiple threats to our existence. Thanks, normal.

compassion: as simple as life itself

2020-06-24 0
What we are seeing in the current Black Lives Matter movement is a shift towards compassion, individually and collectively.