one reason. the only reason.

If she were Edward, and not Elizabeth, “he” would have the nomination wrapped up.

If she were Edward, and not Elizabeth, “he” would have the nomination wrapped up.

There are virtually no parts of Warren’s plans that are not supported by Democrats and other progressives. Her wealth tax even has majority Republican support. Her Medicare for All plan, while difficult to enact in full, is far more viable than Sanders’ with the addition of a public option as a stepping-stone to full M4A.

Yet she trails two old white men, one of whom is untested in national politics and the other who has failed repeatedly at the task he is currently letting slip away. How is this possible?

In 2017, the Resistance was led by women, beginning with the March (Marches) in January. The nation has never seen anything quite like those events that drew millions to the streets and galvanized activism that has yet to let up.

In 2018, the Democrats regained the House because of women who took away GOP incumbent seats, who won trump districts, and who ran unabashedly progressive campaigns when the men who had run before them had lost being “moderate”.

That brought a woman back to the Speakership, and under her leadership, the President has been impeached.

A woman is the most prominent face in the media bringing to light the crimes and failures of trump; Rachel Maddow is not everyone’s cup of tea, but she’s got the largest audience in cable news, and she’s laying out the case against trump day by day with rigor and a shit-ton of facts.

The new leader in fighting voter suppression is a woman, Stacey Abrams, who would be governor of Georgia today if that state held free and open elections.

The most courageous American in the fight for ending gun violence is a woman, Gabby Giffords, who was shot and almost killed but has refused to back up a single inch.

The global conscience of the climate change movement is a teenage girl from Sweden.

The #MeToo movement may be able, at last, to begin ending institutionalized misogyny. The crimes of Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, and Jeffrey Epstein are making clear just how evil hatred and abuse of women are – and how pervasive. Man after man who has abused power to brutalize women have ben exposed and brought down. The movement is in its early stages, but women are not going to let go of this opportunity.

And yet somehow the Democrats plan to pick an old white man to lead them against another old white man in November?

I have one explanation, and it’s pretty simple, and it will outrage a lot of people, but you won’t argue you me out of it, so don’t bother.


Bernie Sanders has no track record to back the claim that he can win. He hasn’t run a meaningful Senate race in years. He ran a protest vote against Clinton four years ago, but that’s not the same as taking on the billions of dollars that will back trump. He is a leap of faith and little more.

Joe Biden has proven numerous times that he is a disaster of a candidate. He’s in the position he’s in because Barack Obama wanted an experienced foreign policy advisor for VP, not because Obama was looking for his possible successor. (I think he expected Clinton to be that successor from the moment he won the nomination in 2008.)

Pete Buttigieg would be the least qualified candidate nominated since perhaps John Tyler. I don’t know my history well enough, but he’s got no business being a contender.

Steyer and Bloomberg: candidacies built on money and little else. And Bloomberg is now moving into contention?

Yang at least has built a movement, but that’s all it is: a movement, not a candidacy. He’s no more qualified than Buttigieg.

And we’ve seen several decently qualified women either drop out early – Gillibrand (who probably was doomed from the start for her intemperate destruction of Al Franken) and Harris (who ran a thoroughly abysmal campaign). Amy Klobuchar is at last starting to gain some traction, thanks to the NY Times dual endorsement, but it’s probably too late.

Then there’s Warren. No, she’s not the perfect candidate. She’s made mistakes and has short-comings – as do they all. But she’s got the strongest, most progressive, most detailed, and most doable platform ever brought to a primary public. She has energy and health that seem limitless; the hours in selfie lines are incredible. She called for impeachment the day after the Mueller Report came out (having stayed up late into the night to read it all). She has addressed virtually every audience that has invited her, and she almost always wins their hearts.

And she’s falling further behind two old white men who are dragging baggage that Democrats seem to be pretending isn’t there. Lots of people will have lots of explanations for all of this, and some will be valid, but I’m sticking to my original point because it’s this world’s greatest shared evil, and our country has refused to deal with it in any meaningful way the wrong-doings of men make it impossible to ignore:



If she were Edward, and not Elizabeth, “he” would have the nomination wrapped up.

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