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Qubely blocks is added to the Gutenberg editor as soon as you install the plugin. You can start using it as any oI’ve read a bunch of books, blogs, & articles on break-making, not to mention tv shows and YouTubes. I’ve also been baking for many years, albeit in a half-assed manner. But I’ve learned some lessons about baking bread, including the sad fact that many attempts to instruct noobs fail on several accounts:
1, too technical. A novice baker can’t deal with hydration levels or special techniques. They need to learn the basics.
2, bad writing. Not everyone who is good at what they do is good at teaching. Few seem able to write clear, coherent instructions that do not leave out vital info without burying the reader under a mountain of extraneous stuff.
3, showing off. Most foodie blogs get so wrapped up in photos, personal history, aesthetics, and other meaningless nonsense that even if they have something worth sharing, who the hell is going to know?
Not that this intro helps. But I think I can offer the basics and get you started so you can make a simple loaf and then develop your own style and technique. That’s the holy grail: it’s what will let you make loaves that you like best.

a simple first bread

You gotta walk before you can run, although most toddlers’ first steps are often more like a run, what with gravity pulling them forward and all. That’s completely irrelevant to baking, of course. Learning to bake bread has two purposes: Homemade bread tastes better than anything in a plastic bag, and, once you get the …