enough of the fear

Fearing a bad outcome is a terrible way to move forward in politics. Even with bad outcomes possible, I refuse to let fear control me; I'm committed to believing in my beliefs all the way.

Here is the what my country has done in the course of my life:



Bush the Elder



That’s 32 of my 63 years, over half my life lived with these five men as President. In that time, democracy has been shrunk. Rights have diminished. Those with power and wealth have accumulated ever-more power and wealth. Religionists, gun absolutists, and ultra-free marketeers have forced their doctrines into law and have packed the courts with their adherents.

While much abject poverty has been eliminated, more of us than ever before live hand-to-mouth, a single turn of luck from disaster.

Black men are killed in the streets with an openness we haven’t seen since the golden days of lynching.

People are now free to come out as gay or lesbian, but trans women are being butchered on a regular basis with law enforcement apathetic in response.

Women are still being raped and abused as much as ever which the public exposure of a few high-profile men is doing nothing to stop.

Our children are slaughtered in their schools by weapons of war and enough of us don’t give a damn that the massacres continue unabated.

And in 2020, with the chance to make a real change to how this country is run, to adopt bold progressive change brought forward with intelligence and unwavering principles, we instead face the very real possibility that a horrible old white man hell-bent on destroying the country if that puts money in his pocket can only be countered by either an dottery old white man with a record of getting the most important things wrong or a blustering old white man with no record of discernible achievement beyond saying things that excite about 20 percent of the electorate.

I agree: We cannot allow Donald Trump to be re-elected. That’s a given, an article of faith to the future.

That does not, however, mean our choice is to cave in to fear and give up my principles, hopes, and beliefs. I have lived too much of my life afraid of almost every thing I could be afraid of, from the people in my life to the circumstances of my life to how I was going to get through the day. I am watching people respond to the threat of a Trump re-election with fear, and I refuse to be part of it.

I will vote for whoever the Democrats pick to be our nominee. That goes without saying.

I will continue to support Elizabeth Warren until she says this particular fight is done.

And then, whether she goes to the Oval Office or back to the Senate, I will continue on with her. She is the one candidate in this race who has said No to fear. She is the one candidate who has presented us, not with a set of nice-sounding ideals but some actual goddamn plans to change this country. She hasn’t promised an impossible revolution – she knows what that word actually means, after all – but something else, something possible:

A path forward. Principled, thoughtful, viable. No pipedreams or wishful thinking but constructive plans that can survive a legislative onslaught and still bring significant change.

I have no use for fear. I reject the politics of fear. And I’m done with old white men being offered as our only hope. Old white men are why we are in such a mess. They’ll never get us out.

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