left coast foodie

a simple first bread

You gotta walk before you can run, although most toddlers’ first steps are often more like a run, what with gravity pulling them forward and all. That’s completely irrelevant to baking, of course. Learning to bake bread has two purposes: Homemade bread tastes better than anything in a plastic bag, and, once you get the …

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“Wait here until the timer goes off,” she says, closing the door and leaving Ruby behind. Ruby, of course, stays in the room until the timer goes off. She sit in the chair beside Dr Yarrow’s desk and waits for the time to elapse. She hears noises of all kinds for a long time, and …

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carpe bucko

value adding

It’s not that I don’t have any values; I am simply unable to define them. Which means, for all practical purposes, I don’t have any functional values. This is a problem. Because I have been able to get consistent long-term mental health care through the VA, meeting weekly (via phone thanks to Covid-19), I’m slowly …

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