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I cannot stand live-action tv of any kind, from the news to sitcoms to reality to whatever. Real life is tough enough without watching people recreate it badly. (A few exceptions, but they’re almost all sf: Doctor Who, American Gods, etc.)
And frankly, a lot of anime is crap, including a lot of the most popular ones. Thankfully, anime has become so lucrative that around three dozen new series premiere every twelve weeks or so, which means there are almost always a few new good ones to watch.
Or, if not, good old ones to re-watch.
These are not anime reviews. These are my thoughts on anime.

K-ON: the new Monkees

By 2020-01-12 0
I remember watching The Monkees as a ten-year-old: the show was silly, the characters enjoyable, and the music was really good. Last month, watching K-On for a second time (and I had only watched it for the first time a couple of months before that), I realized that Ho-kago Tea